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Wear Your Devotion With Style... Daliah's Style! Daliah's Design's is Pleased to Introduce Our New Nail Decals... Ven'AMORI!


What is Ven'AMORI all about? Married individuals have wedding rings; engaged couples have engagement rings; even some devoted couples get a promise ring, all to show the world their devotion. But, what about individuals who are dating exclusively, are in love, or would like to show their dedication in a stylish way? Daliah's Designs creates a new social trend, as well as a hot new nail art trend, designed to show your individual dedications with color and style...we call it Ven'AMORI!

According to the old Latin tradition, the reason for wearing a ring on the ring finger is because they believed that a main vein linked directly to the heart, from the ring finger... hence the term: "Vena Amori" (Vein of Love). Flash forward! Our idea is to color the ring fingernail a different color than the rest of your fingernails and style it with the desired sticker to show your devotion. For example, if you are wearing a French Tip on all your nails, then color the ring fingernail...

Choice of Colors and Stickers:

If you're taken: Red + Heart Stickers, Ring Stickers, Pet Stickers, Mix
If you're in love: Pink + Heart Stickers, Ring Stickers, Pet Stickers, Mix
If you're in mourning: Black + White Sticker of your passing pet
If you want to be ultra-creative, go bold and try a new mix of colors and sticker combos!

To show our devotion, Daliah's Designs will donate a percentage of our proceeds to a Local Animal Rescue!

Venamori Love nail decal
Venamori Union nail decal
LOVE $ 5.00
UNION $ 5.00
Venamori Rabbit nail decal
Venamori Bird nail decal
RABBIT $ 5.00
BIRD $ 5.00
Venamori Cat nail decal
Venamori Dog nail decal
CAT $ 5.00
DOG $ 5.00

We're offering all six (one of each design) as a set for $15.00